Tropical Sun

About Us

Forlorn wooden boat on sandy shores

Our scouts have searched the tropics' far reaches looking for ingredients that contain the seeds of a tropical way of life. In the hunt for those magical flavours, our team of intrepid experts have explored exotic sandy beaches and dined with locals in far-off sleepy villages. They've survived the rush of bustling bazaars and discovered the hidden gems in local markets. Our mission is to bring food lovers everywhere, authentic products and flavours as they are enjoyed by families across the tropics. If the fields and people are kissed by the rays of the magnificent tropical sun, then our team will be there!

We work with farmers and producers across the world to ensure that our products contain only the finest, high quality ingredients. And what a range of products we have created - Tropical Sun's shop has more than 250 products including sauces, seasonings, drinks, peas & beans, rice, coconut milk along with many unique and specialist mouth-watering ingredients.

We've made it even easier for lovers of tropical food to transform a simple meal into a tropical delight. Whether you're a scratch-cooker, professional chef, or mother of a hungry family, we're here to help you tropicalise your food!

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