Tropical Sun

"The 319 to Montego Bay Please"

Posted: 10 October 2009


Carnival fever spreads across the whole of London

Every year Notting Hill Carnival brings with it celebration, colour and  rhythm for Londoners and other visitors from around the world.

We took it upon ourselves to get the vibes flowing early by branding a handful of our iconic London buses as part of the build up to carnival weekend last year.

The Tropical Sun family characters were brought to life and mingled with the London street scene, and could be seen in some of the trendiest places, from as far afield as Oxford Street and Sloane Sq. to Clapham and Peckham ("big up Desmonds").

Unfortunately your regular Oyster card won't get you to the shoreline and back, but a few sips of our Tropical Fruit Punch might start making you feel you're on the beach in Mo' Bay (don't forget the rum tho)!