Tropical Sun

Spreading some love

Posted: 06 April 2010


Tropical Sun looks to leave a lasting impression.

Here at Tropical Sun we are all about da love, that's why we have sponsored Stefan to spread some of our love to those who need it most. Our donation to Oxfam 365 is to help people all over the world that have been affected by 26 major world disasters.

We've sponsored a student in Glasgow to help raise money for Oxfam. He's offering to "donate his body" to charity as a canvas to have one lucky winner's message tattooed on to his body. 

We think's a great offer and one we wanted to support. Yes is marketing, but its also for a great cause and a fun idea and a great way of spreading sunshine, which is what we're supporting here.

Go to to support the cause and spread your own sunshine to others.