Tropical Sun

Tropical Sun brightening up South London

Posted: 28 August 2010


Tropical Sun added that extra bit of sunshine to a fantastic day out in South London at Jerk Cookout.

South east London comes alive every summer with sizzling BBQs and the smell of jerk. Street jerk stands might be a common sight in the Caribbean, but for those not able to travel to the Caribbean in the summer, Jerk Cookout event in Brockwell Park, south east London provided the perfect opportunity to sample some authentic Tropical cuisine.

Jerk lovers head to the Jerk Cookout London competition to see which master cook is crowned Jerk Cookout chef of the year and enjoy the super hot Jamaican jerk spice mixture.

With chefs competing against each other to produce the best jerk dish, Tropical Sun was able to create an impressive presence at the event with its highly visible marquee stand, large product representation for sampling and lots of other giveaways for the visitors.

Most of the food vendors enjoyed free branded Tropical Sun items like price boards, T-shirts and aprons which all helped to enhance and further brighten their service to the visitors.