Tropical Sun

Making Regent's Park Shine!

Posted: 20 June 2011


Tropical Sun attended what is considered to be one of the greatest food shows in the world, Taste of London

The 5th consecutive year event of Taste of London hosted over 53,000 visitors at a show seen as the most anticipated event on the foodie calendar.

Visitors had the opportunity of sampling Tropical Sun's range of cooking and dipping sauces and other snack products at the event were 93% consider food and cooking more of their top interest.

The event is acclaimed as the world's greatest food and drinks festival and although it was affected by poor weather conditions this year, it still proved to be very successful, with about 60% first time visitor participation.

Tropical Sun made an impressive presentation and stood out in the Caribbean pavilion with its authentic range of products loved and enjoyed by all that came to the stand.

Our selection of hot sauces went down well (probably to keep everybody warm) and most of the visitors at the Tropical Sun stand kept coming back for more.